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Swamp Tours

join our Swamp Tour for a speedboat (Not a Canoe) adventure deep into the Singkil swamp area (rawa Singkil) to observe singkil's wildlife: crocodiles, monkeys, birds and other native animals.


The tour last for about 5 hours: from 0800-1300 or 1100-1600.

What sets our tours apart from the others?

1. We use a Fiber speedboat with roof, not a wooden canoe. safety wise, a speedboat has a higher clearance off the water (and away from the crocdiles) compared with a Canoe.

while a little canoe is traditional and nice to experience it is not safe for a journey into the singkil crocodile-infested swamps.

2. you will leave and return to MBCS directly by speedboat and have a 30 min boat ride on the way on the way there and back. This way you do not have to travel to and from singkil by car.

3. our tour guide is a crocodile-hunter enthusiast.

Tour Info:

*Starts & ends at mb camp singkil: 0800-1200 or 1100-1500.
type of boat: speedboat with a sun cover.

what to bring: a hat and long sleeves for sun protection/ raincoat.


Tour PRice including lunch and transport to and from MBCS:

-Rp.750k/person minimum 2 persons


The above Tour price includes:

1. Packed Lunch Price:

>Rp.50k/person (Rice, chicken/fish. vegetables, fruit & water).

2. the extra boat ride adventure to and from MBCS to Singkil (40 mins one way).

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