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MB CAMP SINGKIL is located on the edge of a very beautiful estuary and basically serves as the overnight pit stop before crossing over to the banyaks the next morning or for an rest after travelling back from the banyaks and before your next trip.

unfortunately there are not many activities in Singkil apart from the Singkil Swamp Tour, which is back to nature. Free activities include bicycle riding around our area, playing badminton and fishing on-site.


If you would like to the Mangroves it is about 10 minutes away by car. In the same area There is also a beach, called Gosong, but really not so nice in comparison to the banyaks.


if your children want to try overnight camping they can do it here too. We can set up a tent in front of your bungalow. Please let us know beforehand.

Be aware of crocodiles, which have been spotted in the river, but have never come up to the bank.

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